María Fernanda Troconis

Luxury Real Estate Specialist I Events I Realtor

+(506) 8583-0994 / +(506) 8356-3912

About María Fernanda

We are pleased to introduce the gal that needs no introduction. Expat, mother, entrepreneur, Crytpo-market dabbler, and epic event planner, Maria Fernanda Troconnis, is the epitome of WERCR's exact client. We first met her as a property owner herself, yet it wasn't too long after that we figured she should be doing our job instead! Having also spent some time in Miami, she led multiple family investments in real estate sales and as a private investor. As her client, you will see that she not only will have your best interest at heart but she's likely been in your shoes, so she understands what it takes for success. A gorgeous, well-spoken, totally internationally traveled, a worldly citizen of the Globe, MaFe specializes in ex-pat relocations, rentals, and the Santa Ana market share.