Crissy Jones

President & Co-Founder I Head of Luxury Sales

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About Crissy

Cristina Jones BIO 2023
With more than 20 years of experience in luxury real estate & hospitality, Cristina has focused on international sales, marketing, public relations & business development for top global organizations and her own companies. As an innate salesperson, Cristina is recognized for
her differentiated mindset as an enthusiastic, driven, unordinary thinker who lives and breathes entrepreneurship. In 2016, she won a Travvy Award for Central America's most innovative executive in her field. She has also been featured on "Young Entrepreneurs to Watch," "City People," "Central America's Top 100 Most Influential Women," and Luxury Latin America for her natural ability to revolutionize.
Today, As President and co-founder of WE ARE COSTA RICA REAL ESTATE & RENTALS, Cristina's rebellious approach to the norm has marked a steady beat toward success as she has focused her expertise on positioning her company amongst leaders. WERCR now conglomerates over 800 of Costa Rica’s premium properties and is also known for celebrity and high-profile home sales, many of which appreciate her "off the radar" and private approach to elite business.
Cristina currently sits on the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors’ Board of Directors as a certified international broker. She leads a team of 25 people in 4 countries and co-owns an international investment organization and concierge service for affluent, high-net-worth individuals. Her company offers services for those seeking Property investment opportunities, worry-free solutions for Residency, Crypto Investments & Exchanges, Legacy & Blockchain
asset security, and high-end concierge management of premium properties.
Her personal curated real estate portfolio,, holds exclusive access to the top of the market's tier and has recently been talked about as the "doers" of high-end Central American Real Estate Sales. Cristina has also excelled in customer service, as her hospitality
know-how permeates all her "doings." Known as a groundbreaker in her field, it is not a coincidence that she has become a leading real estate voice as a top advisor.

On her own time, she enjoys "playing house," as she calls it, just as much as traveling and shopping her way through unique boutiques. Her quiet time is spent writing and then later movie-watching with her husband and company partner, Henry. Also, as a proud mother of three, she enjoys family time with her two kids and a sheepdog called Alfy.