City Heroes

Crissy Jones is quoted in this article and throughout the interview as having a refreshing point of view as a City Hero. The article goes on to say ~ Crissy Jones sees the world through the lens of a traveler, so her inspiration takes her to do things in a unique way, she believes in the potential of San Jose and promotes it as cool and hip, with locations inspired in a really vibrant culture. That’s why her company WERCR invites the tourist industry to get out of the comfort zone and promote activities in areas with potential that would normally not be exposed for not being sufficiently representative of the preconceived image that the country has.

“Cristina’s project excites us because it represents the charm of a small country that is emerging as a leader in socio-cultural and economic aspects, this platform is a window where you can see how cities evolve constantly, reinvent and find unique identity. “